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The NBA and NFL are working hard to make sure COVID-19 doesn’t eliminate sports!  They both have come up with some unique ways to keep their players safe.

The NBA is offering players “smart rings” they can wear to detect COVID-19 symptoms.

Here's the 'Smart Ring' NBA Players Will Wear to Monitor COVID-19 Symptoms While in Orlando

Included in the NBA's plan to restart the 2019-2020 season at Walt Disney World in Orlando is that players will be given the option to wear Oura smart rings to detect if and when they begin showing symptoms of COVID-19.

Are these “COVID-19 helmets” the wave of the future in the NFL?

This COVID-19 Prototype NFL Helmet Is Absolutely Wild Looking

It's no secret that the NFL will have many new health and safety regulations in place, not only for when the season starts but also whenever the league gives the green light for teams to begin practicing. In May it was reported that the league was testing protective face masks made of surgical or N95 material.