(Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)

Miguel Cabrera has released a new hip-hop song. We can’t make this stuff up, folks!

Yes, Cabrera can add hip-hop artist to his long list of accomplishment, which also includes being a Triple Crown winner and American League MVP.

Miggy joined forces with Sibilino to release the song, “Miggy Al Bate” — Miggy at Bat in English — on Sibilino’s new record, “Sin Ø.” What else is one to do on quarantine, right?

The song, which is in Spanish, has Miggy rhyming, “I’m Miggy the salsa lover who’s always battling / Demonstrating that the players are superior / Representing the old school, besides playing we spit fire.”

He continues, “You know that when it comes to me, there’s never a tie / Don’t come for trouble because my flow will destroy your flow / Step up to the plate and I’ll hit it out of the park / This is the Major Leagues so you know you can’t mess with me / From Venezuela, the crib for baseball players, crib for rappers, also for salsa lovers.”

Check it out below. Cabrera’s verse begins at the 19-second mark.

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