Drive-in concerts are starting to happen more and more during the coronavirus pandemic, but what would a heavy metal concert, known for at least a mosh pit or two, look like? Thanks to German metal icon Doro, we now know.

Embedded below is video from Doro’s show over the weekend in Worms, Germany, which abided by the country’s current social distancing regulations.

Sure, there was no mosh pit, but there was plenty of head-banging, horn throwing and horn honking, which oddly fits right at home at a metal show. Gives a whole new meaning to “Heavy Metal Parking Lot,” amiright?

Either way, drive-in concerts may just become part of the “new normal” until there’s a coronavirus vaccine, and if that’s the case, I’m sure many of us will take it. A drive-in concert is better than no concert at all.


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