(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

You’ll soon be able to grab “cocktails to go” from bars and restaurants and city districts where alcohol may be consumed outdoors, if a new collection of proposed bills goes all the way.

The hope is for House Bills 5781 and 5811, which were approved Wednesday (June 3) by a state House committee, to help the Michigan bar and restaurant industry stay afloat during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

One bill would permit cities and other local governments to create “social districts” where customers are allowed to consume alcohol outdoors, with all drinks being served by licensed establishments operating inside that district.

The other bill would permit bars and restaurants to deliver cocktails to homes, with or without food orders, or as to-go orders to be delivered to a location they may legally be consumed.

Both bills passed by a 15-0 bipartisan vote. Now, they’re headed to the House Ways and Means Committee. Time will tell if the “cocktails to go” bills become a reality!

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