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A quick blog before I head out on my bicycle to put a few miles on before work.

I got to catch up with the Pretty reckless front woman, Taylor Momsen, yesterday. You can listen to it here. The last PR record is one of my faves of the last fives years. In the interview she tells me how the death of Chris Cornell really impacted her, how she feels this upcoming album is “rebirth” for the band, some special guests that will be on the album and more. It’s a great listen.

I wanted to direct you to an article I keep seeing pop up on my timeline. It’s an article written by hockey player Akim Aliu. It’s called “Hockey Is Not For Everyone”. He tells his story of the racism he faced just to play the game he loves. His battle was brutal and he names names. Some you’ll know. It’s disgusting how he was treated but continued to fight on. As dark as it is, it’s also inspiring to see the battle in this guy. You can read the article here.

It took me way back to a little “Meltdown” playing as a youth. Our team captain was a black kid named Al Korzinski. He was adopted by an older white couple. He was a good player and tough as nails. He always acted like things never bothered him and just plugged forward. One game, the other team just abused him, none of us stood up for him. He just kept going and going. At the end of the game the coaches were so upset with the rest of the team, they made us stand by the bench while Al went through the hand-shake line by himself. I’ll never forget that.

I tell people all the time that playing hockey made me the person I am today. No one ever gave me anything, I had to work for it. Hockey made me a team player, accountable, responsible, instilled a hard work ethic in me and so much more.

My son plays hockeys for many reasons that have nothing to do with hockey. Many reasons. Hockey is like 10th on the list or reasons he plays. If he didn’t like he wouldn’t be playing, of course. Sports really teaches a lot of life lessons. Sometimes I can tell if a person played sports growing up just by talking to them. Get your kids involved and watch them change as people and take life lessons with them throughout their life.

I respect Akim for standing up for himself, when he shouldn’t have had to in the first place. There should’ve been others standing up for him so he wouldn’t have to go through the hand-shake line alone.