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Lots going on at work. Unfortunately, tours are being cancelled as fast as we announced them at the beginning of the year. This was going to be the most concerts that I can remember in years.

On to more uplifting stuff. I had two killer interviews yesterday. The first was with Chris “Motionless” from the band Motionless In White. I did that over our Instagram live page. You can watch the entire thing here. We talked about his chance to sing “School’s out” on stage with Alice Cooper last year, how the band is working on new music, his family life growing up, some funny moments talking about their hometown of Scranton, PA and the show The Office. I have to say, it’s pretty cool living in these times, even during a pandemic, where we can talk to rock stars on the internet like this. Chris was awesome! this is a very fun watch/listen.

Speaking of Alice, I talked to him yesterday and he showered a lot of Detroit love. People ask me all the time about some of my favorite people to interview. Alice is high on that list. He’s one of the best! He told me about the only time he was ever start struck, in his words “shaking” to meet his childhood hero. We talked about his Alice favorite albums, golfing with Darren McCarty, a hilarious story of a stage prop gone wrong, his incredible guitarist, Nita Strauss and more. Check that out here.

Last night I watched “Road To Perdition”. I had never watched it before, even though it’s about twenty years old. I guess you can’t go wrong with Tom Hanks, and you can’t. It’s on Netflix if you’re interested. I’m also almost finished with “The Patriot”. So far so good.

Have a great Wednesday…yeah, Wednesday.