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There’s at least one thing to give us hope today, NASCAR is back. That’s a step in the right direction!

Congratulations to Kevin Harvick for finding his way to victory in the series’ return, his 50th career win. I had the good fortune to get to know him a little bit over the past ten years or so. Since 2009 I’ve hosted the Acceleration Club at Michigan Speedway. It typically starts around 9am. The serve food all day for the 500-700 guest that attend. They do pit tours, tons of giveaways, and now they have the drivers meeting in there. 

Busch Beer sponsored the the event for about seven years so Kevin was always on the guest list. I would interview him in front of the crowd after he singed a bunch of Busch gear, which we would give away before the race. At first it was a getting to know him kinda thing. His P.R. guy would swing by and give me some “instructions” which weren’t anything too drastic. After a few years his guy would just come up and say “You know the drill, how are you?”.

Kevin was always great to talk with and I’d try to give him fun things to discuss. I remember telling him once that I got to ride my Harley around the track at over 100 m.p.h.. He came back with “Your Harley can go over a 100?”. That got a laugh from the crowd, at my expense! LOL One time we did the whole thing with his 2 year old son on his lap. The kid was a statue! 🙂

The guys will be doing a lot of racing coming up in the next few weeks. Buckle up!