In honor of the announcement of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, a new series coming to CBS All-Access (and the Space Force stealing the iconic Starfleet logo) I’ve assembled my top 25 list of all-time favorite charters from the Star Trek Universe.


  1. Data – Android (Next Generation/Picard/Films)

The lovable android who seeks the one thing it (he) can never have; the human experience. Bold, intelligent and perfectly executed by actor Brett Spiner.


  1. Spock – Vulcan/Human (Original Series/Next Generation/Discovery/Strange New Worlds/Films)

Spock was my #1 for years, but I didn’t love the recent storylines from Star Trek Discovery…I’m hopeful he will bounce back to the #1 spot with the new series: Strange New Worlds.


  1. Worf – Klingon (Next Generation/Deep Space 9/Films)

The last 3 seasons of DS9 are among the best Star Trek stories ever created and Worf played a huge role in the massive Dominion War. “Today is a good day to die”.


  1. Doctor McCoy – Human (The Original Series/Films)

The most relatable charter in Star Fleet history. The guy who didn’t really even want to be in space, he just wants to do his job with as little nonsense as possible. “Damn it Jim, I’m a Doctor not a brick layer.”


  1. Jean-Luc Picard – Human (Next Generation/Picard/Films)

The captain I would most like to have served under. His evolution from demanding captain to vulnerable retired admiral and the loyalty of his ageing friends has created a slew of stories that have and will continue to stand the test of time.


  1. Seven of Nine – Human/Borg (Voyager/Picard)

I’ve always enjoyed Seven and was certainly more of a fan of her harsh side than the sometimes soft or silly side. Her role as an ass-kicker in Star Trek Picard takes her to all new levels of awesome.


  1. Shran – Andorian (Enterprise)

Sharn, a commander for the Andorian Imperial Guard was only in 5 episodes, and all 5 of them are among my favorites. His distrust of Vulcans, and constant referral of Captain Archer as a “Pink skin”, which should make him a villain somehow worked backwards and made Sharn endearing.


  1. Dax – Trill/Symbiote (Deep Space Nine)

What a great concept. A symbiote that lives on from host to host giving Dax a chance to be an “old man” friend and mentor to Sisko as Curzon Dax, a lovable therapist as Ezri Dax or the flirtations science officer Jadiza Dax.


  1. Elim Garak – Cardassian (Deep Space Nine)

If I were given the green light to create a new Star Trek series for CBS I would have it revolve around Garak leading an elite force of ex-Obsidian Order, Section 31, Tal’Shiar and Imperial Guard members. Oh, all the mischievous fun we could have.


  1. James T. Kirk – Human (Original Series/Films)

One of the all-time great TV charters. Perhaps I’ve had too much exposure to Kirk? I still love the charter but I don’t really crave new Kirk stories at this point.

  1. T’Pol – Vulcan (Enterprise)

Her role on Enterprise was perfect. Not an official member of Star Fleet and at a time when Vulcans were not popular with humans. Her relationships with Archer, Trip and Phlox made Enterprise one of my favorites in the Star Trek Universe.

  1. Mr. Scott – Human (Original Series/Next Gen/Films)

This is probably Star Trek hearsay, but I actually like the Simon Pegg version from the recent films better than the classic James Doohan version. Both however are outstanding. If it takes an hour to fix it, tell the captain it takes 3, that way everyone is impressed when you get it done in 45 minutes.

  1. Captain Lorca – Human/Mirror Universe (Discovery)

I enjoyed this “war time” captain so much that I was disappointed when he turned out to be the Terran Empire version of Lorca from the Mirror Universe. I wanted more Lorca!

  1. Captain Sisko – Human/Worm Hole Alien (Deep Space 9)

His evolution throughout Deep Space 9 was outstanding and I loved the ending with him joining the prophets inside the worm hole.

  1. Dr. Phlox – Denobulan (Enterprise)

It was super smart to make the doctor on the first Enterprise an alien. As human first journey to distant stars of course they would need guidance and knowledge and wisdom from other alien cultures.

  1. William Riker – Human (Next Gen/Picard/Films)

Always dependable as a commander and under-rated as a captain.

  1. Captain Pike – Human (Pilot/Discovery/Strange New World/Films)

This was pretty much a throwaway character until the film re-boot of the original series. The role got even better with Anson Mount during Discovery. Now let’s see how Pike holds up in a whole new series Strange New Worlds.

  1. Rom – Ferengi (Deep Space 9)

Socially he was a bumbling idiot, but was a genius engineer who played a major role during the Dominion War.

  1. Crewman Suder – Betazoid (Voyager)

A serial killer in deep space. Wow, what a risky concept. Suder was only in a couple of episodes but seeing a murderer dealing with his inner struggles in that universe was crazy good TV.

  1. Enabran Tain – Cardassian (Deep Space 9)

Apparently I like Cardassinas more than I realized. Tain was cold blooded like most cardassians but he always seemed to be in control even when he clearly wasn’t.

  1. General Martok – Klingon (Deep Space 9)

His comradery with Worf and Sisko during the Dominion War and the Klingons role in that war was epic.

  1. Gul Dukat – Cardassian (Deep Space Nine)

As evil and villainess as they come, yet the episodes with Dukat were always among the best.

  1. Q – Q Continuum (Next Gen/DS9/Voyager)

Q was probably too powerful. It’s hard to write for a charter who can’t be defeated. The fact that he didn’t take his powers too seriously was the key to his many Star Fleet interactions.

  1. Captain Archer – Human (Enterprise)

I really like Archer, but with so many great charters he falls all the way to #24.

  1. Guinan – El-Aurian (Next Generation/Films/Picard?)

Picard is better with Guinan. In many ways she was the only one who could really oppose him and get him to re-think his position. Rumors are strong that she will show up in season 2 of Star Trek Picard.



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