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Rent Strike

Stripped down DIY punk from Lansing, Rent Strike’s new EP Burn It All! came out May 1st over at It’s no coincidence that they dropped their new tunes on May Day, aka International Workers’ Day. Rent Strike champion the working class and their ‘damn the man’ attitude assures you that what you’re hearing is indeed punk rock. Links to all their social media and more over at

Desmond Jones

A progressive rock/jazz/fusion jam band from out Grand Rapids way, Desmond Jones have a Zappa meets Phish meets The Band vibe. As they hilariously pointed out online, they’ve also been described by haters/lovers on Instagram as a “fifth rate Steely Dan”. Their latest single “Major Burbank” is an ode to the Jim Carrey movie The Truman Show. For real. Find their stuff on all streaming platforms and connect and learn all about them at

 The Incurables

Guitar driven garage rock from Wayne, MI, The Incurables recently released their debut single for Big Stir Records. Get all the facts over at

Off The Ledge

Off The Ledge is an alt rock band from Lansing with a sound that harkens back to 90s-era rock while remaining original. “Clap Of Thunder”, their first new single in four years, is available at Get at them on Facebook at @OffTheLedgeBand.


Mike Skill

Mike Skill’s got his own stuff to do. The co-founder and guitarist of legendary Detroit rockers The Romantics has kept busy producing solo material the past several years. See what he’s been up to and get his social media links at His latest solo endeavor features Romantics band mates Rich Cole and Brad Elvis and features added guitar work by the Motor City’s favorite former Trash Brat and current Dead Boy, Ricky Rat. Find it wherever you stream your music these days.