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Lots going on today. I’ll be talking with Shinedown front man, Brent Smith at 3:30 live on the Gram. You can check out the conversation on the WRIF Instagram. Then, the FourPlay At 4 is going to feature songs that incorporate unusual instruments. The first thought I get is Jesse James Dupree playing that chainsaw. I have a couple souvenirs of his work in my rock room. The one on the right dates back to 1995.

Think for a second some of the stuff some of your favorite bands have used to make music. A violin bow across the guitar strings, a bull horn, cowbell, beer kegs, empty toilet paper roll (used on the “Yeah” part in Collective Soul’s “Shine”) and so on.

A quick story to wrap up today’s blog. Back in 2005/06 Hinder started to really pop on the scene. They came by the radio station for an interview and brought along a film crew who taped the whole thing for a bonus DVD they put out. They also brought along some tequila to drink while we talked and then signed the empty bottle for me.  Yes, we did finish the entire bottle. To be honest, THEY finished it as I had to work, that being said,  I did have a couple shots. Those guys rose pretty quickly but weren’t able to hold on, even though they had some hits. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them.