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I’m in the middle of binging Dead To Me on Netflix. If you haven’t watched it, it’s worth a look. It’s kinda a dark comedy/drama. The second season just went up on Friday. With thirty minute eps you can blast through it. I’m still chugging through Deadwood. I’m loving that series.

Yesterday I posted the question of perfect albums. What’s an album, or several, that have zero bad songs on it. Lots of people said GNR “Appetite”. Lots of votes for Bowie’s “Ziggy”, Metallica’s “Black” album, Led Zeppelin, Beatles and so on. Some people posted live or greatest hits albums, which is kinda cheating. You can head over to my socials @MeltdownWRIF to see others and even a response from Shinedown’s, Zack Myers.

Speaking of Zack, one of my prized possessions on my rock wall is a gold record for “Amaryllis” the guys sent me. Paul O’neill from Trans Siberian Orchestra did send me some gold albums, but that’s a story for another time.

It was winter about 6 years ago. I received an email from the record company requesting my home address. Now, I’m not just going to give out my info to anyone who emails me so I sent a funny response back just to make sure it was legit. Sure enough, I got an email back saying that Brent Smith wanted to send me something. Cool!

I returned from Christmas break and had the kids run to the neighbors to get our mail. They brought back nothing but bills and junk mail. OK, maybe whatever he was sending me hadn’t gotten here yet. I was leaving the driveway to go have some celebratory cocktails at another neighbors house when the shine from the headlights spotted something in my front yard. It was a cardboard box that I’m guessing had blown from the front of our garage to the front of the house. I took it inside and opened it up. I couldn’t believe it. Wrapped in protective plastic wrap was the gold album! I had never received anything like that in my whole career, even to this day. I was honored that the guys thought enough of me to thank me in that way.

Have a great Wednesday….yes, it’s Wednesday!