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Yes, it’s Friday for those of you still keeping track.

Last night I took a break from Deadwood to watch The Hateful 8. My boss had recommended it, along with some other friends. I gave it a shot, but in the end the vodka and Jesse James Outlaw Bourbon won out. I need to finish it this weekend.

In yesterday’s blog I told the story of the “not so brilliant” comment I made to Alex Lifeson from RUSH upon meeting him. You can read that here.

Today, it’s the story of what I said to Tony Stewart. It was in the early 2000’s and I was to go to the track and have lunch with him and two winners from a contest we did on the air. Tony was in town to promote the upcoming race. Local media was there and he took some questions.

As we were eating lunch we were talking about many topics. Tony is just the way you’d think he would be. He’s really just one of the guys. He was very engaged and it was a fun lunch. Partway through the conversation turned to women. I blurted out this gem “Have you ever seen Jeff Gordon’s wife?”. LMAO….of course he had. He raced with him every weekend! I guess because he was so down to earth I kinda forgot who I was talking to. He looked up and said, sarcastically “No, I’ve never seen her” and laughed. It was one of those comments that I knew was stupid as it was leaving my mouth. HAHA

Moments after asking Tony if he had ever seen Jeff Gordons wife. Doh!


After lunch we trekked down to the track were he gave us a ride around the track in the Chevy pace car. We reached speeds of 145 m.p.h.. Going around the turns you can really feel the G force as you get pushed into the seat. It’s really cool! That was an afternoon I’ll never forget!