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I sure hope everyone is well. I’m still binging Deadwood. I don’t know what it is but I’m on a western kick lately.

While I sit here and write this, I have Rush’s “Farewell To Kings” on the turntable so I thought I’d give you a funny story about the time I got to meet them.

It was 2012 during the Clockwork Angels tour. Steve Black and myself were part of the meet & greet which took place in this big square room in the Palace. There was probably about 75-100 people there. They lined us all up along the wall to have instructions given to us by the tour manager. It was a M&G I’ll never forget. The TM was so funny. He started of by explaining that Neil Peart would not be Joining Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee because he was “working on a quilting project”. Of course it’s widely know that Neil never felt comfortable doing those kinds of things.

Next, the TM said that when you get to meet the guys to speak up, because “they’re kinda old and hard of hearing”. LOL He wrapped up by saying “OK, I’m gonna to go get the guys which will take me about five minutes, then it will take fifteen minutes for me to walk them up here” Another old rocker joke.


As people made there way to the guys I was thinking about what I was going to say. I mean, these guys are legends. I could tell them how much I love 2112. I could get down on my hands and knees and pull a Wayne Campbell with a couple “We’re Not Worthy”‘s. I mean, the options were endless! What did I do? I told Alex I thought he was great on The Trailer Park boys. Yes, that’s what I said to a Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame Member! The Trailer Park Boys!!!! I don’t recall saying anything to Geddy except that it was nice to meet him.

Alex Lifeson, Steve Black, me and Geddy Lee a minute after I commented on Alex’s Trailer Park Boys appearance.

I did get to have a great conversation with Geddy last year on my Talkin’ Rock podcast. It was a highlight of the year for sure. Geddy was very well spoken, engaged, funny, interesting and on a crystal clear phone line. You can listen to it here. My friends at Rock City Music in Livonia got me a copy of his killer bass book that he signed to me.

Have a great day!


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