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The remains of a shipwreck that washed ashore in West Michigan last week likely date back to the 1850s, experts say.

The wreckage — which includes a 32-foot-long hull fragment from a wooden vessel — were found last Friday on a beach north of Ludington, authorities say. After examining the pieces of history, analysts with the Port of Ludington Maritime Museum on Thursday revealed they likely came from a ship that was constructed between 1850 and 1880. Experts with the museum say the hull fragment sports 15 double frames that make up the “ribs” of the vessel — a common feature in ships from that time period. They say they’re continuing their efforts to identify the vessel.

Shipwreck remains wash ashore in West Michigan, possibly dating back to 1850s

CLOSE Shipwreck remains were found washed to shore in West Michigan, potentially dating back to the 1850s. The wreckage was reported April 24 on a beach north of Ludington, near the entrance to the state park. The remains, which are around 32 feet long and 8 feet wide, is a hull fragment from a wooden vessel.