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The people over at Buzzfeed have assembled a collection of photos from the last month of surreal moments during the pandemic.  Some of them are heartwarming and others a grim reminder of what we all are going through currently.

From frontline medical workers to stay at home order protestors, there is a good sample of images that could very well be used to educate the future generations about this historic time.

SEE THEM HERE(Some are graphic)

31 Surreal Pictures Of The Coronavirus Pandemic That Will Probably Be Shown In History Classes One Day

From the heartbreaking to the heartwarming, here's what the last month looked like around the world. 1. March 21 - Venice Beach, Los Angeles 2. March 22 - Giussano, Italy 3. March 23 - Wuhan, China 17. April 6 - Guayaquil, Ecuador