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A 74-year-old man is in some hot water after an altercation with some golfers violating course regulations!

The old man lived on a home on the golf course and was upset after seeing a group of golfers drive a golf cart across a wooden bridge that is meant for foot traffic only.  He came out and got into a verbal altercation with the golfer.  Once that did not resolve the situation he went into the house and came out with a BB gun and began pointing it at the golfers.

Some of the altercation was captured on cell phone video which can be seen below.  He was arrested and now faces seven counts of aggravated assault.

(Warning: Video contains explicit language)


74-year-old arrested after pointing gun at group of golfers, deputies say

"A verbal argument turned into a man facing seven felony charges," Sheriff Rick Staly said. "Grabbing a gun of any kind is not the way to solve an argument and could have ended much differently. If you cannot resolve it peacefully, call law enforcement and let us handle the situation."