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Oreo has been dropping limited edition flavors every few months for the past couple years.  They just dropped a new one and a classic cereal is getting marshmallows added in!

Oreo has just released a limited-edition tiramisu flavor. They have been getting good reviews online and on social media.  If you want to give them a try you should be able to find them at most Target and Walmarts stores.

The Limited-Edition Tiramisu Oreos Are Finally Available In the US

Update, April 14, 2020 10:36 a.m.: After months and months of waiting, Oreo's limited-edition Tiramisu flavor is finally hitting shelves. The flavor was slated to hit shelves in April and just like clockwork, Instagrammer @Candyhunting spotted them. Although they didn't give us a review, a quick search of the hashtag #tiramisuoreos showed that people are seriously obsessed with this new cookie.

Frosted Flakes with Lucky Charms-style marshmallows are coming soon. So if you ever fantasized about a cereal combination of the sweet crunchy corn flakes of Frosted Flakes and the little sweet marshmallows from Lucky Charms consider your fantasy fulfilled!  Now this is a different version of Frosted Flakes with marshmallows then the one in the past, this version features Tony the Tiger inspired marshmallows.  They’ll be available later this month.


Frosted Flakes Cereal With Colorful Marshmallow Pieces Is Coming To Stores Later This Month

Cereal is such a versatile food as is, but the selection in your cereal aisle can make it hard to choose a favorite. Sometimes you want something low-key and other times you'd prefer something super sweet, which is why Frosted Flakes adding marshmallows into their cereal is HUGE news.