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Here are 5 more Michigan made bands to look into while you’re sitting around avoiding people. Hope you find one you dig so you can say you listened to them before they became huge!

1. Angelo Coppola

Like many artists, Angelo Coppola has been making the most of his down time by keeping busy and staying creative. The front man for the rockin’ Detroit band The Lows wrote, performed and produced an EP called The Quarantine Sessions, Vol. 1 that you can listen to on He even put together a video where he plays all the parts in his quarantine band, The AngeLows.

If you aren’t familiar with The Lows, you need to be. Start at their web site

2. In Dark

A brand spanking new band from Detroit with a brand spanking new EP. Find their self-titled debut on Spotify and learn more on their Facebook page @InDarkTheBand.

3. Second Hand Mojo

If you like it bluesy, check out Second Hand Mojo from Canton. Midwest rock with a swampy, southern fried vibe. This is the title track to their new EP After Midnight.

Hear the rest of the EP, get their social media links and more at

4. Gear Jammer

If the current state of the world has you a little frustrated, perhaps the remedy is some good ‘ol Motor City punk rock. Feel the angst on Rock N Roll Parole, the latest album from Gear Jammer.

Poke ’em on Facebook @MotorCityGearJammer.

5. Audrey Burne

Saginaw’s Audrey Burne released a new self-titled album last month that you can check out on all streaming music platforms and on their page at

Learn more on Facebook @Audrey6Burne.