Dave & Chuck: Junk Food Roundup

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Some big news about new ice cream in this Junk Food Roundup!

Dairy Queen launched a new Cotton Candy Dipped cone nationwide this spring.  It will feature their soft serve dipped in a blue cotton candy coating. It will only be available for a limited time.


Dairy Queen Launches Cotton Candy Dipped Cone Nationwide - Chew Boom

Dairy Queen offers a fresh taste of spring with the nationwide launch of the Cotton Candy Dipped Cone at participating locations. The limited-time Cotton Candy Dipped Cone features the brand's signature soft serve dipped in a sweet blue cotton candy coating that hardens into a crunchy outer shell.

A new Ben & Jerry’s flavor called Chip Happens is coming . . . it’s chocolate ice cream with fudge chips and pieces of potato chips mixed in.


Ben & Jerry's Released A New Flavor That's Packed With Potato Chips And Chocolate

It's always exciting when Ben & Jerry's rolls out a new flavor, but the company recently released a new ice cream flavor that is pretty much guaranteed to get you excited. It's appropriately called Chip Happens, and it was actually inspired by Netflix's hilarious baking competition Nailed It!