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In honor of April being National Guitar Month I’ve compiled a list of the Greatest Guitar Solo’s. Of course, this is just my opinion as there are so many songs to pick from. Join me each day as we look at another track with one of my favorite solos. A nod has to go out to my RIFF rockers who helped in making this list. I invite you to come up with your own and share it with me. I’m sure we’ll have some debates but this is all about having fun and sharing our favorite guitar solo’s as we celebrate National Guitar Month throughout April.

Mr. Scary by Dokken featuring George Lynch 

Yes, nothing says rockin’ with Dokken (sorry had to go there) then a great solo from George Lynch. From the album “Back for the Attack” this song is where Lynch earned his nickname.

Dokken - Mr Scary

"Mr. Scary" by Dokken All copyright stuff goes to them, I didn't do anything but put it up for the world to hear one of the original metal bands. Please don'...