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This seems to be the new norm. I’ve seen people wearing masks at the bus stop, driving in cars by themselves and walking through the parking lot at work. There has been a decrease in traffic to and from work, but I think we still have too many people out on the roads.

I’ve been going to the neighbors for some social distancing after work. My one neighbor is in the medical field and has approved this. She’s keeping tabs on the whole thing and has been onboard with a shut-down for a while. I don’t consider her to someone who overreacts either.

I went to work and did my best to distract and entertain during these strange times. I did a story about a guy and his buddy who cheated to win a bass fishing contest two years ago. They smuggled bigger bass in and pretended to catch them, all for a $2500 prize. What people will do to win!

If you get a chance, swing by my Twitter and Facebook – @MeltdownWRIF – as I asked the question “what was the first video you remember watching?”

Since I was suppose to be down in Nashville this week hanging with Kid Rock and others, I thought I’d give you this gem from right after the LCA opened, during Rock’s six show stand.

Radio Chatter with Kid Rock

Kid Rocks playing a historic six shows at the Little Caesars Arena. Before show number two the K-I-D was nice enough to stop by our broadcast location inside...