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Here are 5 Michigan made bands to check out while you’re doing nothing. You might find a new fav!

1. Heart Of Jordan

Lansing’s Heart Of Jordan specialize in alt-metal and they do it well. Here’s a great example. Check out the video they released just last month for their single “The Silence”.

Look them up on Facebook @HeartOfJordanBand, Twitter @HeartOfJordan, and Instagram @HearOfJordanBand

2. Hot Mulligan

Impress your early-twenty-something niece or the too cool barista at your coffee spot by telling them how hard you think the new Hot Mulligan slaps. Here’s one from their latest album, “You’ll Be Fine”.

Get links to all their stuff at

3. Charmer

Charmer has a new album called “Ivy” coming out next month that you can pre-order now at their web site. You’ll also find links to their social media and more there. This one’s called “Doom”.

Go to

4. Shadow Show

Detroit’s Shadow Show are a cool throwback to ’60s psychedelic garage rock. The trio just released their debut album “Silhouettes” which you can find here at Check out the video for “Charades” which features some cool footage of Detroit.

They’re on Facebook @ShadowShow.Detroit 

Shadow Show - Charades (Official Video)

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5. Slumlord Radio

Slumlord Radio rock. If you want proof just listen to their latest single “Gonna Be A Riot”.

Check out their Facebook page @SlumlordRadioMI for more info and links to their and other social media pages.