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Well, we’re still crankin’ our way through the lock down, or shelter-in-place, or quarantine or whatever you’re calling it. I’m having a quarantine party this weekend…..and you’re not invited! (rim shot) My neighbors and I were all social distancing last night after work. 

I see another thing that’s taken hold in this era of trying to amuse each other during the strange times. “The 10 push-up challenge”. Wow! We really are bored. I mean, 10 WHOLE push ups? Why not make it the 100 push up challenge and really watch people struggle! LOL

I happened upon another non-corona virus story on my show yesterday. They’re few and far between. A guy in Philadelphia stole an ambulance with an EMT in the back! He took it for a joy ride before ditching the thing. I guess the EMT escaped and called 911. The cops are still looking for the perp. If there would’ve been two EMT’s in the back and they would’ve caught the guy, he would’ve been charged with stealing a pair of medics. RIM SHOT….(my bad jokes are better than the 10 push up challenge!)

I watched The Talented Mr. Ripley last night. I’m not sure if the fact that I slept through some it is the reason I didn’t really get it. It was ok….