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Well, here we are on the weekend. It’s weird not seeing but only a few people in the last week. No one I play hockey with, work with or randomly see. No interviews, nothing. Oh, I did see someone else at work yesterday who wasn’t Jade or Scott, so that was exciting! LOL

I did take advantage of the mild temps yesterday morning and got 15 miles in on my bicycle. I figured it was going to be cold all weekend so I might as well do something outside while I could.

Had a fun day at work, yesterday. For the FourPlay At 4 on National Proposal Day I played songs you guys requested to represent your marriages. “I Use To Love Her” from GNR got lots of requests! Ha! I’ve also started adding inspiring or positive stories happening because of the situation we’re in. I’m doing that around 5:10 weekdays.

I hit up the neighbors for some bourbon and TV. We watched the 2019 Bill Burr special, Tiger on Netflix. I highly recommend it. Normally, my friends and I don’t care too much for the stand-up specials while watching in a living room setting. This one was very good! It must’ve been a theme night because then we watched the first episode of a series called “Tiger King”. This show looks wild with some very colorful characters. I’m for sure going to see this one through.

I watched “Wicker Man” this morning. It a wild thriller from the early 70’s. I wasn’t sure about it for a little while, but it takes an unexpected turn at the end. That movie would’ve been better at night.

Off to work this afternoon…wait, what? It’s Saturday! I guess we’re all sacrificing… well.