Could the coronavirus be the thing that finally brings about an Oasis reunion? Unlikely, but it could if Noel Gallagher takes Liam Gallagher’s tweets to heart.

Liam took to Twitter to pitch the idea the only way someone like Liam Gallagher could: With sincerity and TONS of profanity.

“Listen, seriously…a lot of people think I’m a c*nt, and I am a good looking c*nt, but once this is put to bed, we need to get Oasis back for a one-off gig, right, for charity,” wrote Liam. “C’mon, Noel. We can then go back to our amazing solo careers. C’mon, you know.”

Liam then sent out a follow-up tweet either calling out other bands to reunite or pitching those bands to reunite with Oasis for a massive festival-type concert. “All these miserable f*cking c*nts in bands who think they’re too cool for school,” continued Liam. “The Jam? C’mon, [Paul] Weller. The Smiths? C’mon, [Johnny] Marr. Oasis? C’mon, Noel. What a gig. And The Cheeky Girls. What a f*cking lineup. C’mon, you know.”

The ball is in Noel’s court now, but while we wait on him (and for the coronavirus to pass), you can check out the band’s documentary Oasis: Supersonic on Netflix.

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