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In a time where we’re distancing ourselves from our every day norm of going to concerts, shows, bars and restaurants, we’re parking it on the couch for a bit and taking some time off. Here’s 5 (actually 6) shows to binge watch from staff photographer Erik:

YOU (Netflix) – I just recently finished season 2 of YOU. I was blown away by every episode and I’m kind of upset I have to wait until 2021 for season 3. I never did watch much Dexter but this is very similar to that show but better in my opinion. 

Mindhunter (Netflix) – I was always intrigued with horror and murder mystery movies when I was younger. I thought they did an awesome job representing actual killers in this series. I cant wait for the next season to come out. 

Tales by Light – Photographer Travel the World Documentary Series (Netflix) – As a photographer this is a really cool documentary that kind of goes behind the scenes of other photographers as they go on assignments. Some of the videos and stills they captured are unbelievable in this series and you learn a lot about different cultures around the world. My recent love for travel had me glued to this and gave me a few ideas to add to my travel bucket list.

All the music documentaries: (Satan and Adam is the best! ZZ Top was great, too! Netflix) – My favorite part about Netflix are all the documentaries. I’ll watch pretty much any of them for the most part. For my love of music I have watched a number of those but my favorite so far was Satan and Adam. It’s just a crazy story and is a MUST watch! 

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (LOL)

Obviously, a classic! I grew up on this show and I have it on DVD. It’s the perfect go to when Im sick or was out of work for some time.

Any Chicago Med/Fire/PD series (Amazon Prime I think!) – I really don’t watch much TV. Most of the time when I am home I just listen to music. I really don’t keep up with anything current either except for these shows. Chicago Fire is my favorite. I think thats partially because when I was younger I was in a junior fire fighting program in high school and even went to EMT school and worked in ER’s in in my earlier days.