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Kim Amani is a forty-seven year old “intimacy coach” that practices the art of Vaginal Kung Fu, which is an exercise that involves inserting a weight into her lady bits that has a string attached to a larger heavier object.

The reason she does this is because she claims it will give you the best sex of your life. Saying doing the Vaginal Kung Fu exercise keeps her vagina toned and sleek which leads to better orgasms and ultimately better sex!


Fire-crotch: "Vaginal weightlifting can give anyone who practises it the best sex of their lives!" | BeachGrit

Vaginal weightlifting is an activity that would be best described, I think, as niche. Not for any rational reason: it's photogenic and any sort of championship would makes for more compelling live viewing than a two-week surf event. Kim Amani, a forty-seven surfer and "intimacy coach", is a devotee of Vaginal Kung Fu, where a ...