Dave & Chuck: Junk Food Roundup

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Heinz got a lot of publicity a few years ago when they released a combo of mayo and ketchup called MayoChup.  And apparently that taste of fame has made them go condiment MASH-UP CRAZY.

Since then, they’ve done a mayo-mustard combo called MayoMust, and a mayo-barbecue combo called MayoCue.  And earlier this year, they announced a honey-Sriracha combo called HoneyRacha. It’s not even on sale yet, and they’ve already announced their FIFTH mash-up:  Mayo plus Sriracha, which they’re calling MayoRacha.  It should hit stores this spring.


Heinz Is Reportedly Releasing A Mayoracha Sauce This Year That Is The Perfect Amount Of Spice To Put On Everything

Sauces can really make or break an entire meal-it's practically science. Each food calls for a different sort of condiment, which can lead to a lot of DIY mixing, trying to find the perfect ratio, and then attempting to duplicate the same formula the next time around.