Some of the biggest bands have almost quit/broke up stories, and Slipknot is no different with Corey Taylor saying in a new interview he almost left the band.

Speaking with Kerrang! Radio, Taylor touched on the various ups and downs that come with being in the same band for so many years and said, “There have been moments where I’ve come so close to walking away from this and I’m really glad that I didn’t to be honest. The payoff has been fantastic, especially now that we’re in this really great place and we are performing at a level that is still top notch.”

Taylor also mentioned there was a point where the band considered dissolving after the release of their 1999 self-titled debut album and said, “When we really exploded, we had serious talks about breaking up and pulling a Sex Pistols and be like put a massive album out and then say, ‘Screw you, we’re outta here!’ Those were real conversations! I feel like we’ve failed everyone by making ‘Iowa’ It was such a great thing to think about. None of this was expected, man. Just on paper we shouldn’t have made it and yet here we are! It’s a weird feeling still.”

Slipknot has an incredibly busy 2020 ahead of them. They’re currently in the middle of a European tour, will be performing in Japan in March and booked a handful of festival gigs this spring. They’ll also be taking their Knotfest Roadshow to North America this summer and have lined up their first-ever cruise with Knotfest at Sea in August. For a full list of the band’s tour itinerary, head over to

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