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In a survey that shouldn’t surprise anyone, us here in Michigan don’t love those in Ohio and those in Ohio aren’t the biggest fans of us. Did we just find some common ground?

Matt Shirley has done the most American thing ever, he’s made a map that details which state Americans hate the most. The most hated state happens to be California. Shirley surveyed his 320,000 Instagram followers and found that nine states didn’t have love for the Golden State. New Jersey lived up to its reputation as it was concluded that they hate everyone. What was even more interesting in Shirley’s survey was that 80 percent of Floridians, get this, hate Florida! Yes, Florida hates Florida the most, what is going on down there? The only state that hated nobody? Hawaii. Shirley says he didn’t get answers from The Aloha State or maybe it’s because you can’t hate while living in paradise.

Click the link below to check out the map!

Guy Surveys Americans On Which State They Hate The Most, Puts The Results In A Map

While non-Americans may struggle to understand this, America can get quite different when you travel from one coast to another. Many of the states differ from each other in their religious beliefs, legislative procedures and laws, and most even have some serious cultural contrasts. One thing is clear, they all hate each other.