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Pineapple on a pizza isn’t out of the ordinary but kiwi?

A Danish pizzeria is topping pies with Kiwi. A Reddit user posted a picture of the Kiwi pizza and the internet went in. One person replied, “I think I just went blind.” Someone else responded, “I’m a pineapple eater but no one wants a whole kiwi on their pizza what the heck???”

Restaurant Serves Kiwi Fruit On Pizza And Now Pineapple Doesn't Look So Bad

I'm somewhat of a pizza pariah over here in the UK, on account of my unabashed, lifelong love of pineapple on pizza. For me, the tropical sweetness perfectly contrasts with the savoury base, resulting in a juicy taste explosion. But whenever I bring up my penchant for the pine, I am met with undisguised disgust ...