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Everyone has played McDonald’s Monopoly game at some point, even if you weren’t playing it but just ordering a large fry and pop.

Back in 2000 though, the promotion wasn’t going quite as planned and there were schemes and scams that left everyone under the Golden Arches stunned. Mark Wahlberg’s production company has been working on a documentary series about the incident and it’s set to air on February 3rd on HBO. It will feature six episodes and you can read the synopsis at the link below.

Mark Wahlberg's 'McMillions' Documentary About The Infamous McDonald's Monopoly Game Scam Is The Next 'Chernobyl'

For many years, beginning in 1987, one of, if not the most popular promotions fast food behemoth McDonald's ran was its annual Monopoly game. Consumers all over America would attempt to collect game pieces representing the various properties the appear on the board game.