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Kalamazoo’s Bell’s Brewery will be debuting a new low calorie ale this month!

Light Hearted Ale is a version of the best-selling Two Hearted Ale. It clocks in at 3.7% ABV, 110 calories and 9 carbs per 12 fluid ounces. It will debut on Monday, January 20th and then make it’s way to bars and stores throughout Michigan and beyond!

Bell's Brewery set to release low-calorie Light Hearted Ale on Jan. 20

CLOSE We have a release date for the highly anticipated Light Hearted Ale. Bell's Brewery's low-calorie version of its best-selling Two Hearted Ale will make its debut on Jan. 20, on tap at its Eccentric Café and in cans at its neighboring General Store in Kalamazoo, according to the Eccentric Café's Facebook page.