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Here’s the latest mashup condiment from Heinz.  It’s called HoneyRacha, and it’s a mix between honey and Sriracha. 

You can add this to the list of other condiment inventions Heinz has put out over the past few years like MayoChup and MayoCue. If you’re fan of the spicy and sweet flavor combo this condiment might be for you! It’ll hit shelves soon.


Heinz Is Releasing A Honey Sriracha Sauce Called, You Guessed It, HoneyRacha

Most people have a favorite condiment they would put on everything if they could. But some people can't choose between even two or three beloved condiments and for some of us, our favorite condiments are actually mash-ups of a few different condiments (my family calls it Secret Sauce, but it's mayo, ketchup, and barbecue sauce, you're welcome).