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I’ll admit, this is a tough one. While the band’s “LuLu” album is one of the worst records I’ve ever had the displeasure to sit through, what are the top 3? Well, here it goes.

#3 – “Metallica” – The Black Album. I know, some die-hards would argue that this record is the bands worst, or that it’s too commercial. I argue that it was the perfect record for Metallica to make at the perfect time. They did soften their sound a little, but they also took some big chances and it paid off for them in spades. I was on the radio when it came out. Trust me, people where clamoring for it.

#2 – “Ride The Lightning”. This is the first record I ever bought. As a matter of fact, I still own that very album and it’s in really good shape. When I first listened to it I wasn’t crazy about the record. But, as time goes on I’ve grown to love it.

#1 – “Master Of Puppets”. A metal classic in almost any heavy-music fans opinion. From top to bottom, this album is a true “master”piece, no pun intended. To this day it does not sound dated or old in any way.

The boys latest album “Hardwired” is very good. I like “And Justice..”, but it’s not one of my faves. “St. Anger” is just dreadful, if you ask me.