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401462 09: Keith Bolton, chief technology officer of Applied Digital Solutions, demonstrates the VeriChip February 22, 2002 in Boca Raton, FL. The VeriChip, when implanted in a persons forearm or shoulder, can provide medical and identity information when scanned. (Photo by David Friedman/Getty Images)

A man in Utah has placed cybernetic implants into his hands. Of the four chips he has placed inside himself, one is his Tesla key. He opens his car door with the wave of his hand, and even uses the technology to prank people by “opening” his car door with random items.


Utah man implants Tesla key and other chips into hands

SPRINGVILLE - Imagine being able to unlock doors or a car with just a wave of your hand. Well that's exactly what one Utah man can now do, thanks to some tech under his skin. Ben Workman is one of a few people around the world who are turning to cybernetic implants.