Steve Black


What is the definition of a new band? To some a band or artist is “new” if they have never heard of them before, even if they have been around for 10 years.  For others to be new you pretty much have to still be on your first album.

My goal here is to introduce you to, or perhaps reinforce your existing thoughts on some of the new(er) artists. With that in mind I’m not going to stick to any predetermined definition of ‘new”.


Dirty Honey – This young California band already have a #1 song with “When I’m Gone” and this one might just duplicate that feet in a few weeks. Check out “Rolling 7s”

The Underground Thieves – The band’s first EP The Capistrano was released in 2018 so they are newer than most, but guitarist (and occasional singer) Nick Perri has been around for a while. You may remember Nick from Silvertide or from his time in Shinedown.

The Underground Thieves - "Whole Lotta Money" [Official Music Video]

Spotify: Apple Music: iTunes: Amazon: Written & Directed by Nick Perri Filmed and Edited by Austin M Bauman Starring Nick Perri CariDee English Jimmy Lepone TC Carter Nathan Brouwer Madisen Clanton Jonah Snyder Jeanne Rice May Charters Sydni Wilt Wes Wade Dylan Marshall "Whole Lotta Money"

Marcus King – This new dirty blues guitarist, singer and songwriter has been fronting his own band since 2013 and they already have 3 full albums out. However to just about everyone outside of South Carolina his current song “The Well” is our introduction.

The Blue Stones – After years of playing around these parts (the band is from Windsor) The Blue Stones started making a big impact in 2018 and I’m predicting a huge year for the 2-piece band in 2020.

The Hu – The weirdest thing to hit rock since Primus! The Hu (pronounced The Who) are (mostly) a rock band that found a way to incorporate their ancient native Mongolian instruments and Mongolian Throat Singing in a way that is still kind of catchy. To help make the music a little more U.S. friendly they have recently rerecorded some of their songs with American rockers Lzzy Hale and on this song “Wolf Totem” with Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach.


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