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Conquering The Holidays

The holidays are celebrated quite differently depending on where you are in the world. Austrian children hide from Krampus, while in Sweden they burn a huge wooden Yule Goat structure.

Over in Japan, the traditional meal for Christmas since the 1970s has been a big bucket of the Colonel’s secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices. When KFC came to the country they launched a campaign called “Kentucky for Christmas,” telling citizens that it’s what Americans eat during the season. While that may have been a little white lie, according to CNN, it stuck, with lines snaking outside the fast-food chain’s restaurants starting on December 23rd. They even dress up statues of Colonel Sanders as Santa. Read more about the tradition HERE.


「鉢合わせ」篇は、高畑さんが「パーティバーレル」を持ってマンションのエントランスに入ってくるシーンから始まります。 エントランスで友人と鉢合わせ、友人も「パーティバーレル」を持っていることに思わず驚いてしまいますが、友人宅のインターホン越しでケンタッキーが被っていることを楽しげに見せています。 ...