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FINALLY! Someone had the sense to create a Slayer/Wham! mashup, and frankly, it’s a gift that is more of a “need” than a “want.”

YouTuber Andy Rehfeldt created the holy union of “Angel of Death” and “Last Christmas” in the video below.

If you’re so inclined, Rehfeldt even released a short video showing how he created this incredible mashup. He says in the clip, “I know a lot of you won’t like this, but it’s really funny to me.” While I understand where he’s coming from, even those who may not care for this mashup have to admit that pairing Slayer with Wham! is at least a little funny.

Slayer Wham! Mashup-Last Christmas/Angel of Death

Video Edited by Tony Colella at HitWaveMusic The music was performed and recorded by me, and the vocals were found here on YouPoop. Please help support my music this Christmas. Patreon-$1 Venmo me a little donation @Andy-Rehfeldt Buy me a Beer! - Or donate a dollar Thank you everybody!

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