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The Lions are out for 2019.

They are 4th in the NFC (although, remember the first couple weeks of the season when they were #1?!), and Stafford has been out with a back injury the last 3 games. At this point, they can not make the playoffs, but reports are saying the Lions haven’t counted him out for a comeback this season. WHY?! Is it just us, or does it make more sense for him to get back to 100% so that maybe, MAYBE next year we can at least break .500? In theory, we should get an alright draft pick but that’s really only as good as the person/position you pick. Eh, what do we know?

The Lions still aren't shutting down Matthew Stafford for season

ALLEN PARK -- The Detroit Lions were ejected from the playoff race faster than any other team in the NFC. But that has not changed the club's plan for Matthew Stafford. Not yet anyway. Stafford says he's working to get back as quickly as possible, while the Lions say they are leaving open the possibility for a return in 2019.