Each week, The Sound Of… podcast’s hosts create their personal Top 7 Lists. This week, as it is apparently reunion season with Saliva, Motley Crue, Rage Against the Machine, The Black Crowes and others doing it, we create a top 7 wish list of reunions. You can listen to the full podcast HERE.

Anne Carlini’s picks 1 through 7:

Led Zeppelin (As Robert Plant won’t do it, she wants several big name singers to fill in like the Experience Hendrix Tour)
Van Halen (Eddie, Alex, Dave and Michael)
Crosby Stills Nash & Young
Stone Temple Pilots (With Vinnie Dombrowski as the front man)
Linkin Park
Damn Yankees

Steve Black’s picks 1 through 7:

Led Zeppelin (A Tribute to John Bonham with a different drummer in each city joining Robert, Jimmy and John. Maybe Neil Pert at the Toronto show, Niko McBrain with Zeppelin in London, Chad Smith doing the Detroit gig, Perhaps Mike Portnoy at MSG…maybe 16-18 shows total)
Rage Against the Machine (Not 3 or 4 shows, I need a full blow Rage tour!)
The Kinks (This one *might* actually happen)
Genesis (All of them, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, Steve Hackett)
Nirvana (NOT an entire tour, I’m thinking just a couple 30 minute sets at a couple of huge festivals with Shaun Morgan from Seether sitting in)
Van Halen (Everybody. Eddie, Alex, Dave, Sammy, Michael, Wolfgang…I can even tolerate Gary for 1 song)
The Yardbirds (If were going to dream dream big….give me Page, Clapton and Beck all on the same stage)

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