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If you don’t know what a FLESHLIGHT is, it’s a sex toy that looks like a flashlight . . . but with realistic lady parts at the end of it.  And we know at least one group of people who’ve never heard of it:  The team at BarkBox.

In their most recent monthly subscription box, BarkBox sent out a Thanksgiving dog toy that’s supposed to look like pigs in a blanket . . . but it looks JUST like a Fleshlight. After people started commenting on social media, they admitted, quote, “We had no idea” . . . but also mentioned the toy has been very popular.


Company speaks out after scandalous dog toy goes viral: 'We had no idea'

Internet users have a mind of their own - a fact the social media team at BARK knows all too well. The company, which owns BarkBox, a subscription-based service delivering a "monthly surprise of dog toys, treats, and goodies," caused quite a stir online last week after releasing a special holiday promotion, including an apparently head-turning item.