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HAUPPAUGE, NY - FEBRUARY 09: Drivers cars are stuck on RT 347 during a blizzard that hit the metro area on February 9, 2017 in Hauppauge, New York. A major winter storm warning is forecast from Pennsylvania to Maine with the New York City area expected to receive up to one foot of snow. New York City schools are closed for the day. (Photo by Andrew Theodorakis/Getty Images)

Chances are you do not own a car with a carburetor.  I like to let the inside of car warm up a bit while I brush off the snow but the engine doesn’t need it.

How often should I start my car and let it idle in cold weather? Answer: Don't.

USA TODAY 4 hrs ago Dalvin Brown and Ben Tobin, USA TODAY An intense cold snap is threatening to smash record lows across much of the nation through Thursday. With temperatures sliding and winter fast approaching, many car owners are asking: How often should I start my car to warm it up?