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According to, Michigan has four Metro cities that are prime to settle down in your golden years.

Troy landed at number 6, while Livonia ranked at number 8.


Located in affluent Oakland County, Troy is a large suburb of Detroit with a population of 84,272. Owing to its low crime, great residential neighborhoods, and quirky local character, Troy is one of the ten best U.S. cities to retire in the United States, and the top retirement destination in the Great Lakes region. The city was first settled in the early 19th century though officially incorporated recently in 1955, and takes its name from Troy, New York, where many of the original settlers hailed from. Troy has much to offer retirees, including many public parks, large shopping districts, and a variety of housing, from to two-story houses to upscale condominiums to fit any needs. Retirees with a history jones will be drawn to the Troy Historic Village, an interactive museum with structures detailing the history of settlement in the city. Included in the museum’s exhibits are a blacksmith’s shop, an 18th-century schoolhouse, and a gazebo that serves as the location of annual festivals and events in Troy. From a statistics standpoint, Troy is a very welcoming environment for retirees with very low violent crime, a 19.6% share of the population 65 or older, and a very low 2.87% poverty rate. With a ratio of 271.9 physicians per 100,000 residents, retirees in Troy will have no problem choosing a doctor that’s right for them.


Livonia is a city in Michigan about 15 miles northwest of Detroit with a population of 93,971. While the city is rather large, Livonia is divided into a number of self-sufficient, immensely livable traditional neighborhoods making it an excellent city to retire in. Settled in the first half of the 19th century, Livonia is the quintessential Michigan suburb with churches, parks, a public library, a local newspaper printed twice weekly. Retirees have no problem making themselves comfortable in the city. With a Walmart, Target, and other big-box stores, shopping proves to be very convenient in Livonia. With nearly a quarter of Livonia’s population being 65 or older, retirees in the city never feel out of place, and a large number of recreational activities in the city are specifically geared towards older folks. Furthermore, the median monthly housing cost is a very reasonable $1074, ensuring that retirees won’t burn through their savings in a short matter of time.

Southfield ranked at 17 and Sterling Heights came in at 27.