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Burger King is selling a new “Ghost Whopper” at some stores this Halloween, with a WHITE bun.  There’s no word on whether it’ll turn your poop weird colors like some of Burger King’s other strange-colored items from the past few years.

Burger King | The Spirit Taste Test

the BURGER KING® brand conducted the first spirit taste test ever. they went to the Alexandria Hotel with master medium and trance-channel Riz Mirza to contact the spirits that sleep in this haunted location and have them taste the Ghost WHOPPER®.



Burger King Is Selling A "Ghost Whopper' For Halloween That Comes On A Cheese-Flavored Bun

ICYMI, everyone and their mother is embracing ~spooky szn~ right now. Have you seen Magic Mountain's IV bag sangria? Or Applebee's Zombie drink? The latest limited-time Halloween food to join the party adds something savory to the mix...with a side of talking to the dead.