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Just in time for Halloween, this is what nightmares are made of!

The guy who owns this ventriloquist doll says it was made by a prisoner at a German WWII camp. He filmed it back in September and the results are terrifying. The door to the box the doll is kept in opens and you can see the eyes blink. Check out the video and read the full story at the link below.

Father fears ventriloquist doll is haunted after filming it blinking

Michael Diamond was given the doll made by prisoner at a German WWII camp He set up a GoPro in September after noticing its glass display kept opening He 'got a weird feeling in [his] gut' and is 'wary' of the doll called Mr Fritz The doll is covered in a blanket and box chained up as his family are frightened Speculates that the maker was as a ventriloquist before being taken prisoner A man feels convinced his sinister antique ventriloquist doll is haunted after CCTV footage showed it blinking.