A psychology student at Georgia State University has come up with a video game so simple, a monkey could play it.  In fact, they played it better than humans.

The test involved recognizing geometric shapes, with a reward offered for clicking on a blue triangle. After a few wins, the game changed and the blue triangle would show up before the game had started.  Monkeys still went for the triangle, while humans followed the ‘rules’ and kept playing the game normally. The student suggests the test demonstrates that humans are trained to follow rules, while monkeys were better at thinking ‘outside the box’.

Monkeys beat humans at computer game in groundbreaking intelligence study

Monkeys have shown that they're better than humans at 'thinking outside the box.' Julia Watzek, a graduate student in psychology at Georgia State University, set up a test involving a problem-solving video game and invited human volunteers and a few selected capuchin and rhesus macaque monkeys to play it.