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Here’s the list of 16 nominees, and my picks for who should go into the Hall Of Fame.

-Pat Benatar -Dave Matthews Band -Depeche Mode -The Doobie Brothers -Whitney Houston -Judas Priest -Kraftwerk -MC5 -Motörhead -Nine Inch Nails -The Notorious B.I.G. -Rufus featuring Chaka Khan -Todd Rundgren -Soundgarden -T.Rex -Thin Lizzy

The first one is easy – Judas Priest. They’ve been eligible for the last 20 years as they celebrate the 50th anniversary of the band. Easy pick! Long overdue. The Metal Gods rule!

Soundgarden. One of the most influential ‘grunge’ bands around. Throw in Alice in Chains while we’re at it. I do think NIN deserves to be there but not this year.

The Doobie Brothers. They’ve been eligible since 1996 and have a body of work that’s deserving. I’m not a huge fan but you can’t deny their success.

Motörhead – I’m almost certain that they won’t get in, but talk about a band that stuck to their guns and did it their way…even garnering some hits in the interim.

This last one is hard but I’m going to give it to Pat Benatar. She’s been eligible since 2004 and a staple on rock radio.

Here’s who I think will get in…….

Judas Priest

Rufus featuring Chaka Khan

Whitney Houston


Doobie Brothers