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Rena Davis a bride-to-be, fell in love with a beautiful peacock cake with cupcakes she saw online and wanted to recreate this culinary artwork to celebrate her big day.  

She made a deposit with a local baker and was assured that the cake will turn out exactly as she hoped…flash forward to her wedding day.  The cake that was dropped off looked nothing like the picture.  The frosting was wrong, but worse of all the the beautiful peacock looked more like a “lop-sided turkey with leprosy” and the head actually fell off as the baker was driving away from the delivery.  This fancy wedding cake quickly turned into a viral wedding cake fail!


Bride heartbroken when peacock wedding cake looks like a 'lopsided turkey'

We've all seen (and laughed at) those classic cake fails - from unicorn cakes that look a bit rude to unintended messages in the form of decoration. When it's your wedding cake that's been messed up, though, it's probably not so funny.