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A teen was horribly injured after a hit to the face during a horse riding accident almost severed her jaw from her face.

While riding a horse, a nearby car exhaust spooked the animal causing it to dart off and slam the the girl into a gate post and onto the ground.  She was left laying there while holding most of her jaw in her hands.  She was rushed to a nearby Children’s Hospital and after a five-and-a-half hour long facial reconstructive surgery she is recovering.


Teen Had To Catch Her Own Jaw After It Was Torn Off In Horrific Horse Riding Injury - The Hook

Usually when you see headlines like that, you're right to assume that a generous helping of hyperbole has been employed to goad people into clicking. It's the same when if your friend mentions how they "cracked" their "head open", when talking about a minor cut they got that needed four stitches as a child.